Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Ship Your Vehicle

     Follow these steps to make sure your car, truck, ATV, tractor or other type of vehicle is transported properly and with qualified transporters like TransportMyCarz Logistics.

     1. Wash your Car thoroughly even if it will be transported on an open trailer. You will want to be able to notice any chips, dings, nicks or other cosmetic damage.

     2. Remove any items from your car. Take all valuables that are in plain sight and place them in a locked clove compartment or remove them completely. Drivers are not responsible for property inside the vehicle.

     3. Shut off or disable the car alarm.  You can find out how to do this by looking in your vehicle's owner's manual

     4. Do not fill up the tank. Please make sure that the tank is between 1/8 to 1/4 empty. This will save weight for the trailer.

     5. Secure or remove any loose parts or special items from your vehicle such as ground effects, spoilers, or fog lamps. 

     6. If you have wide mirrors, fold them back.  This is a very easy task and it can save an accidental mirror break.

     7. Lower and remove/ retract the antenna. Please unscrew the antenna and place in the trunk or floorboard of the vehicle.

     8. Ship convertibles with the top up and secured properly. Try to seal any holes or open seams in the top to prevent air or moisture from causing damage. Do NOT get a tarp and cover the vehicle with it. The driver will not accept the vehicle with a tarp.

     9. Make sure the battery is charged, tires are inflated properly and all fluids are topped off. 

    10. Prepare a careful list of any operational problems that may prevent vehicle from driving onto the trailer. This may cost extra if the vehicle becomes inoperable during the transport.

    11. Make a complete report of any pre-existing damage your vehicle may have. You will also want to take pictures with your phone with the date on the pic. Make sure you document everything. This is important in case there is damage done to your vehicle. If its not documented, the damage isn't covered.

    If you follow these steps prior to and after transporting your vehicle, you will come out on top and have a wonderful experience in the auto transport industry.

    Please contact Jason @ 817-600-2721 if you have any other questions.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transporting your Car back to College

Now that summer is over and College is about to begin, how are you going to get your vehicle up to your new home for the next year? TransportMyCarz Logistics LLC makes it really simple! All you have to do is call one of the agents there and send them the paperwork to reserve yourself a spot on our trailers. Always make sure that you allow yourself a couple of days for the driver to pickup and deliver your vehicle to the dorm. Fedex can guarantee their delivery dates and times but we cant.

    What items can I put in my vehicle you ask?
        You may put up to 50lbs in the trunk or back seat of the vehicle. I would recommend the trunk because the items are out of sight.

    Can you buy a car cover and place it over the vehicle?
         The problem with buying a car cover and putting on a vehicle that is loaded onto a open trailer is that it acts as a umbrella or parachute and can cause serious damage to your vehicle during transport.
We recommend Our Enclosed Carriers. It offers the highest level of security and protection for your vehicle. For maximum safe transportation, your vehicle is carefully loaded into a completely enclosed carrier and delivered direct to your door step.
Wether you transport your vehicle on an Open trailer or Enclosed trailer, TransportMyCarz Logistics will take care of you and make sure you make it on time to your first day of lectures. Pardon me if I say, GO HORNS!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Car Shipping Nationwide-Transportmycarz Logistics LLC

TransportMyCarz Logistics LLC is a reliable and efficient auto transportation service for individuals, snow birds, college students, military personnel, private corporations, moving companies; relocation companies, and numerous car dealers nationwide. 

Nationwide shipping can be a very stressful time because a vehicle may take up to 10 days for delivery. Not knowing where your vehicle is and where its been can be a little frustrating. Some of the things you will need to ask our customer service professionals is: 

Will there be one or a team of drivers? This is very important because it can cut the time it takes a truck to get across country in half. 

Will my vehicle that is being transported be on the same truck? Some transport companies will stop in the middle of the United States and switch trucks and trailers. Our services do NOT allow the driver to take your vehicle off of the trailer and put it on another. This cuts down on possible damages to the vehicle. 

Is there a GPS tracking device on the truck to keep track of the progress? Most of our trucks have a GPS device attached to the Truck so we are able to tell you approximately where in the US the driver is and how much longer it will take for you to get your vehicle. 

TransportMyCars Logistics LLC always strives for customer satisfaction and keeping you informed of where your vehicle is our goal. Peace of mind can take the stress off of a move across country. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Enclosed Auto Transports

Enclosed Auto Transports is the preferred method of transport if you have an expensive or exotic vehicle. Some exotic automobiles have a special film that covers the paint on the body and transporting that piece of art on an open transport can completely ruin it. 

enclosed trailers that I would recommend using are the ones that have a lift gate. The vehicle is loaded onto the lift gate and then placed on the upper deck of the enclosed trailer. This minimizes possible damages to the under carriage of those fine tuned automobiles. 

Another type of enclosed trailer is the trailer that has the plain ramps that guide the vehicle up into the belly of the trailer. This method is still ok, but you must have specially trained drivers that can add boards where needed so the vehicle does not get scratched on the undercarriage. Please make sure that if you have a regular enclosed trailer to check under the vehicle for any type of scratches.

TransportMyCarz Logistics LLC employees make sure that each vehicle is taken care of and ensures that we have specially trained drivers and assistants that treat each vehicle with the utmost of care. Customers will receive their vehicle in the same condition that it left the dealership. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chains vs Straps- Auto tie downs

Chain tie downs are an older method of securing an automobile to a transport trailer. The chain method is now hard on new vehicles because the chains are attached to the frame of the vehicle and when tightened or ratcheted down can cause damage to the newer suspensions.

Strapping a vehicle down to secure it to the transport trailer requires a thick strap, a couple of hooks and a ratchet. The strap goes around the tire and hooks to the trailer, securing the vehicle to where it will not move back and forth. This is the new conventional way because it does not damage the newer suspensions. 

Make sure that when you are requesting an auto transport from a reputable company that you also request straps to be used. This will insure that your vehicle will arrive in the same driving condition as it left its origination.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Auto Transport and Shipping: Transportmycarz Logistics LLC

Auto Transport and Shipping: Transportmycarz Logistics LLC: Services for Private Individuals Transportmycarz Logistics LLC quickly and safely across the entire United States and abroad. We are commit...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Transportmycarz Logistics LLC

Services for Private Individuals
Transportmycarz Logistics LLC
quickly and safely across the entire United States and abroad. We are
committed to the highest standards of service and care in handling your
vehicle's move. We ship cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles and other vehicles
and take the upmost care with every one. Whether it's your daily driver, an
expensive sportscar, a classic or antique, you can rely on Transportmycarz
to make sure it arrives quickly and safely.
specializes in shipping vehicles